JuJuBe started in 2005 with the single belief that mom’s deserve more than just “cutesy” pink and blue prints and flimsy baby bags. They deserved a highly-durable, functional bag, where every stitch was crafted with care, and simply looking good wasn’t good enough. Fourteen years later we continue to design high-quality, stylish bags and accessories for families just like ours—fun, active, and always on the go. All of our bags are designed by our in-house design team, and we make it our mission to consider every detail of every product to ensure the highest-quality bag you need and deserve.

Our founders, Joe and Kristin, met while working together in the apparel department at Oakley. Joe was thinking about starting a bag company and, after talking with Kristin, they both realized that they had a lot of expertise to add to the diaper bag industry. With no experience in developing baby bags, but a wealth of experience in developing highly functional, fashion-forward products for top fashion brands like Oakley and ASICS, they began chatting online with Moms across the country, and JuJuBe began to take shape!

Joe and Kristin talked to moms about JuJuBe’s plans, showed them our product samples, and asked for their feedback. With their help, JuJuBe was able to create diaper bags, diaper backpacks, and totes that were high on style, function, and intelligence. This business model of involving our incredible community in our endeavours is the one that started JuJuBe, and it is still the model that sustains us. It is because of this that our best selling products are known for their thoughtful features—like stroller hooks, crumb drains, bacteria-resistant interiors, and ingenious pockets— small details that make a huge impact on our customers’ lives and ease on-the-go.

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